Our clinic undertakes a range of surgeries, from desexing to orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. We have a sterile surgical theatre, fully equipped with a gaseous anaesthetic machine and anaesthetic monitoring equipment. All animals are given the highest standard of care at Kaleen. Pets coming in for surgery are examined before their procedure and receive pre-operative pain relief, post-operative pain relief and ongoing pain relief following their procedure. All animals receive intravenous fluid therapy during their anaesthetic to help support them during their procedure and ensure speedy recovery.


All dogs and cats are required by ACT animal registration laws to be desexed unless they are to be used for breeding. Desexing is recommended for all animals for behavioural and medial reasons. Desexings are one of the most common precodeures we perform in veterinary practice, however we pride ourselves on providing thorough care and monitoring to each individual animal. All animals are examined before their anaesthetic, Desexing procedures are day-stay surgeries that we will perform Monday to Friday.

Routine Surgery

Most animals need to have surgery done at some stage in their lives, unfortunately. Often the surgery is for very routine things, such as desexing/neutering, wound suture, drainage of abscesses or small lump removals. Whilst here at Kaleen we do these things a lot, and we consider them fairly routine, we fully appreciate that for the owner and their animal, these things are never routine. We offer everything we can to make the process as safe and stress free for all as we possibly can, such as pre-operative blood tests, intra-operative fluids, constant one-to-one anesthetic monitoring and post-op recovery, and contact with owners after surgery to assure them all has gone well.

Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery

Sadly, a lot of animals at some stage in their lives need to have surgery for something fairly major, from broken limbs, advanced wounds, exploratory abdominal surgery, intestinal surgery or advanced soft tissue or orthopaedic surgery. Many of these surgeries can be done at Kaleen although we sometimes make use of specialist surgeons that are available to us as well. At Kaleen, all surgeries are offered the highest standard of care, with continuous monitoring during their anesthetic and one-to-one nursing care during the critical times. We are well equipped with monitoring machines, surgical instruments and well trained staff to allow us to perform difficult and demanding procedures to a high standard.