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Pet Custody Battles

Welcome to our regular blog on all things pets. We love to hear your comments and please let us know what topics you would like covered in the future. Keep the Porche … I want the Pooch This week we cover the bemusing topic of pre-nuptual agreements involving pets. In the US (where else!), lawyers […]

More on the Hendra Virus

Well a short time has passed, and here is the promised continued Hedra virus information. In May, at the Australian Veterinary Association national conference in Adelaide, an announcement was made that great strides have been made in the development of a vaccine against the potentially fatal Hendra virus. As it is in the development stage, […]

Hendra Virus

Welcome to the first blog of our brand new website. Lots of people have been worried and called us about the recent cases of Hendra virus in Queensland and also Northern NSW. So we thought it would be a good idea to briefly cover the main points of the disease, and discuss any potential risks […]