Utopia March 2012

Well, March has come and gone and our second visit to Utopia 350km north-east of Alice Springs to help with a volunteer dog control programme is over. This time Dr Alison from Kippax Vet Hospital and myself (Dr Michael Archinal) were joined by Dr Fiona from Kippax and Nurses Leah and Geraldine, Dr Kate from Hall along with 3 other vets and 4 helpers from around the country.

We met some fantastic people and as usual, had an amazing experience. The 12 hours it takes from Canberra and the logistics to get to this remote community were well worth the effort. This time, Dr Alison was able to attend the local High School and spend some time with the children discussing appropriate dog health care.

It was very reassuring to see many of the dogs we treated last time for skin parasites (Sarcoptes) and worms, as well as being desexed, look so happy and healthy. It was great to hear a number of indigenous people who were very thankful for our efforts last time. We managed to desex 184 dogs this visit, as well as examine 1 very brave cat!

We were greatly helped financially by a fantastic fundraising night organised by Dr Kate and Geraldine, but as always, the next trip (planned for September) will rely on generous donations. If you would like to help us continue this good work or know more about the programme, just call Kaleen Veterinary Hospital and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

This post was originally written in March 2012