Puppy Farms

Some regular blog readers over the last few weeks have asked me to pen an article highlighting the appalling state of “Puppy Farms” – so here we go.

One of the issues that authorities have in persecuting these operations is determining what actually constitutes a puppy farm in the first place.

A puppy farm is a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis upon profits above animal welfare and is often in substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care. This could pertain to one dog, or an establishment with 100!

A legal definition for the term “puppy mill” was established in Avenson v. Zegart in 1984: “a dog breeding operation in which the health of the dogs is disregarded in order to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits.”

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has responded to the problem of puppy mills in Australia by proposing the Animals Regulation of Sale Bill. It would ban the sale of dogs through pet shops, the internet or newspapers. This has been seen as a poorly drafted bill and is not supported by either the Australian Veterinary Association nor the Pet Industry Association. They say that the bill makes no difference to shelter admissions or euthanasia rates. Some also claim that the bill will only serve to push unregistered breeders further underground.

Some good news (contrary to any misinformation or media hype), there are no puppy farms in the ACT.

If you are aware or have any concerns about puppy raising enterprises, please call the RSPCA so they can be properly investigated and we can help get rid of these terrible establishments.

This post was originally written in 2012