Pets and Babies

I am often asked about how to integrate long-term family pets with the immanent arrival of a new baby into the household. There are lots of so-called experts around offering well meaning but often-misguided advice.

This is an unusual Blog, but an important one.

I recently came across an excellent publication that is written by a recognised expert in the animal behaviour field: Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby.

I had a chance to chat to the author, Dr Kirkham, at a recent dog behaviour conference in Melbourne. Dr Kirkham is a veterinarian with further qualifications in animal behaviour and has a particular interest in pets and their relationship with their owners, particularly children.

The book is a practical and intuitive approach to preparing your dog for your new baby. It covers such things as:

  • Prepare your dog for the baby
  • Accustom your dog to numerous baby sounds, including toy noises
  • Read and interpret your dog’s body language
  • Adjust your routine and the household to keep your dog calm
  • Introduce your dog and baby for the first time
  • Recognise your dog’s warning signs
  • Know when you need professional assistance

The book also includes a CD of baby and toy noises which is perfect for preparing your dog for the pending arrival. The easiest way to get a copy is to go to his website

I feel this is easily the best publication I have seen on this topic so I thought I would let you know and you may be able to share this with someone you know as well.

This post was originally written in 2012