Pet Custody Battles

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Keep the Porche … I want the Pooch

This week we cover the bemusing topic of pre-nuptual agreements involving pets. In the US (where else!), lawyers have been springing up by the dozens and becoming specialists in the pet field.

A recent study showed that up to 20% of separating couples, draw up formal access agreements involving their pets. We once had a client who as part of her divorce settlement, insisted that a web cam be set up on the site that her dog most like to lie, so she could log-on and see her beloved dog whenever she wanted!

Not only in the US, but a survey in the UK showed that divorces were often as emotionally charged and as expensive as those over custody of children and up to 20% fight after their animals.

The same survey from Co-operative Pet Insurance, said that 1:10 couples describe the pain of losing a pet as more acute than losing their partner.

Some recent high profile divorces saw $24,000 spent over two Labradors and even $2400 spent over a much loved parrot “Gaz”.

So, regardless of your point of view, more and more people are saying …

You get the car … I want the cat!

This post was originally written in 2011